New Chanel Perfume

Image: weheartit.com

In honor of what would have been Coco Chanel's 128th birthday on August 19th, the house of Chanel has released an update on the No 19 Poudré perfume.  This was the last perfume that Mademoiselle created and she made it as a gift for herself.  The  new interpretation stays true to the original’s neroli top notes, iris heart, and vetiver base notes, adding mandarin orange, jasmine absolute, white musk, and tonka bean.  It was released yesterday at Saks and while in America we may have no problem getting our hands on a bottle, in France every new Chanel fragrance sells out very quickly because women line up to buy the new fragrance before even smelling them!


  1. I like that trivia, that women in france buy new fragrance even before they smell it. - that's cool! :)

    Have a great weekend babe!

  2. wow thats crazy! i never would have thought they would sell out so quickly in France! well i guess its not surprising at the same time!!
    thanks for the info!

  3. Must get one for myself... thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sunday :)