Designer Naeem Khan

Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Resort 2012
Images: nymag.com

I recently discovered designer Naeem Khan and I found all of his collections unique and exotic.  I found the ones with the beading in pastel colors the prettiest, but all of his collections are worth taking a look at. 


My Hair And Make-Up

Today I am sharing how I like to do my make-up, hair and nails.

 I only wear neutral colors on my eyes.  I usually do a beige base with a brown crease and either shell pink or pearly highlighter below the brow.  Sometimes I will do a little brown eyeliner but always black mascara.  However I hate clumpy eyelashes so I stick to one coat on my top lashes and I avoid doing the bottom ones because it smears. 

I prefer a pink or red lipstick to a gloss because my hair sticks in gloss and the lipstick really lasts.

For hair I try not to use any hot tools to avoid damage.  I usually do a high wavy ponytail or I use traditional sponge rollers on wet hair.  They are slightly awkward to sleep in at first but they work the best and the curls hold all day.  And I never die my hair, I hate the look of roots and the damage the process does.

For blush I like a peachy color versus red or pink.  Aside from some form of foundation or concealer, I think blush is the most important piece of make-up to wear at all times.  It makes everyone look so much prettier and healthier.

Images: weheartit.com

I like clean classic nails.  I keep them short when I do red, either a really dark red or cherry red or a sheer pink.  When I do a sheer pink I keep my nails a little longer so that I have a natural french manicure. 

Vintage Dress

Image: weheartit.com

They do not make dresses like this anymore!


The History Of: The French Manicure

Image: weheartit.com

I have always been a fan of the French Manicure, but I always assumed it was created after realizing how good sheer pink looked when one had long nails.  I found the history today, and the famous look was created by Jeff Pink.  He is the founder of the nail polish company Orly.  He was asked my directors in Hollywood to create a look that was versatile and would match all the outfit changes an actress would make in a day.  The look became so popular in Paris among the designers and models that he changed the name from "The Natural Nail Look" to the "French Manicure".  

A Chloé Obsession

Images: netaporter.com

As you may be able to tell, I have a new obsession with Chloé, especially the chic handbags.  The first and the last bag are practical in size and match everything.  The second bag is  perfect for the days when you want a light purse and the unique color makes it stand out more than a traditional black bag.

Chloé Runway and Real LIfe

Images: nymag.com, netaporter.com

This Chloé dress is beautiful, but most of us do not have anywhere to wear a long flowing shear dress.  However a shell pink shear blouse is very wearable; and available on Net-A-Porter.


Pearls, Pastels, Pastries

Images: weheartit.com

What could be better than a vanity surrounded by jewelry and pastel tulle dresses, french pastries, and pearl necklaces?

Citrus Body Scrub

Image: weheartit.com

When summer arrives that means sun dresses, sandals, ruffled bikinis, and a lot of exposed skin.  The best way to get soft skin is a good scrub.  Often times it is very expensive to buy scrubs that are virtually the same when you make them at home, minus all of the chemicals.  My favorite one to purchase is Philosophy's Gingerbread Man scrub, but it is only sold during the holidays.  It is very simple to make one at home, this is my favorite way of doing it.  All you need is a citrus fruit, the acid in it removes dead skin, sugar to scrub, salt is too rough sometimes on sensitive areas, and honey, which softens your skin.

1. Get a citrus fruit; you can use lemon or orange, but my favorite is grapefruit.  Unlike the previous fruits it is very large and provides a lot of juice to make a large amount of scrub.
2. I personally like to eat the fruit and once I have I take the juice that is left over with sugar already in it to start off with, but you can just squeeze out the juice, and you will get less pulp that way.
3. Add either white or brown sugar, makes no difference I have found, and add enough to soak most of the liquid you have squeezed. I never follow an exact recipe, those never come out the way I want them to.
4. Add a plentiful amount of honey to bind the scrub together.
5. Mix it all together and you are ready to go!
6.  Do not get wet when applying either apply dry or use a damp wash cloth to slightly wet yourself.  Scrub yourself as much as you see fit and then apply lotion once you are out of the shower!


J. Mendel Spring 2011

Images: nymag.com

J.Mendel's spring show was very fun, the dresses were silky and sheer.  The cream color of these dresses above are complimented perfectly with the colorful tangerine shoes. 


Dream Closet

Image: weheartit.com

There is nothing I desire more than a very large closet.

Grace Kelly

 Image: weheartit.com

The sunglasses, the coat, the pearl bracelets, this picture shows how Grace Kelly really knew how to dress well.  She always chose simplicity over opulence, and dressing like a lady over dressing sexy.  



 Images: weheartit.com

This week was the official start of summer.  And while many dream of lazy days on the beach, I am waiting till I one day own a house in Provence and can spend my days bike ridding, walking near the lavender fields, shopping for fresh bread in the markets and spending time with the one who shares this dream with me.

Mademoiselle Magazine Covers

Image: wehearit.com

As much as I love magazines, I aspire to work for one one day, I cannot help but admit that magazine covers are not what they used to be.  These illustrated Mademoiselle covers are so pretty, much better than a photograph of a movie star or musician.

Charlotte Olympia Sandals

Image: Charlotte Olympia

While Charlotte Olympia is known for towering heels, I find these Marina flats sandals the best pair in her current collection.  The flat shoe is perfect for being comfortable this summer, but looks much less casual than the average sandal.  Even better? They are currently on sale, get them while you can.

Hermes Kelly Wicker Handbag

Image: overhours.com
Straw or wicker bags can sometimes result into sloppy totes that only look suitable for the beach, but this Hermes Kelly wicker bag is the perfect summer bag.  This handbag is structured and clean looking but has the traditional summer fabric trimmed with tan leather.  Overall a handbag one could carry summer after summer.

Christian Lacroix Returns

Images: nymag.com

Christian Lacroix has not made women's clothes since his Fall 2009 Couture Show due to the company's bankruptcy.  He has done furniture and menswear but until recently no womenswear.  He is not designing lingerie and swimwear in collaboration with French lingerie house Lejaby.


Rainbow Rings

Image: vogue.fr

These stunning "Thunderbolt" rings by Pomellato feature a variety of colored stones such as amethyst, blue topaz, garnet and more.  All stones are cut unevenly giving each rinig a sense of individuality structured in white gold with white diamonds highlighting the colored stone.  

Zac Posen Resort Collection

Images: nymag.com

While decidedly more dark than most of the resort collections this season, Zac Posen's collection will easily last past this summer and into fall and winter.  There are soft whites and pale blues for summer and striking navys and scarlets for fall and winter.  As for the gowns shown above, they provide classic glamour in the form of one of fall's future trends, the mermaid gown.


Marilyn Monroe Iconic White Dress

Image: previously sourced

The iconic white dress Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off for 5.6 million dollars by Debbie Reynolds.

Book Review: Parisian Chic

Image: habituallychic

I recently finished Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange. It was a good read, but very fast and makes me wonder if it was worth the money.  The style section had good advice especially if someone is looking to completely reboot their style and need to start with the basics.  The beauty section was interesting, but a lot of it applied to older women which does not apply to me.  A lot of the book was travel advice so I plan to save this book for when I eventually visit Paris.  Overall you can trust the fashion advice and will most likely enjoy this book.

Reem Acra Resort Collection

Images: nymag.com

The Reem Acra Resort collection had many beautiful gowns to choose from, but my favorite were the elegant nude colored ones.  Made of layers of tulle, satin, and enhanced with intricate beading made this my favorite resort collection so far.


Sheer Dress

 Image: wildfleur.com

I think this dress is stunning, the way it glows in the light is so beautiful.  I don't know how wearable it is when seen in person, but it is lovely to look at.

Blake Lively 60's Style

Images: weheartit.com

This Glamour magazine spread featuring Blake Lively photographed by Terry Tsiolis, is another display of sixties style clothing.  I think the whole spread is pretty, clean, and wearable.  I especially love the make-up and the hair, which the magazine has advice on how to copy.