My Hair And Make-Up

Today I am sharing how I like to do my make-up, hair and nails.

 I only wear neutral colors on my eyes.  I usually do a beige base with a brown crease and either shell pink or pearly highlighter below the brow.  Sometimes I will do a little brown eyeliner but always black mascara.  However I hate clumpy eyelashes so I stick to one coat on my top lashes and I avoid doing the bottom ones because it smears. 

I prefer a pink or red lipstick to a gloss because my hair sticks in gloss and the lipstick really lasts.

For hair I try not to use any hot tools to avoid damage.  I usually do a high wavy ponytail or I use traditional sponge rollers on wet hair.  They are slightly awkward to sleep in at first but they work the best and the curls hold all day.  And I never die my hair, I hate the look of roots and the damage the process does.

For blush I like a peachy color versus red or pink.  Aside from some form of foundation or concealer, I think blush is the most important piece of make-up to wear at all times.  It makes everyone look so much prettier and healthier.

Images: weheartit.com

I like clean classic nails.  I keep them short when I do red, either a really dark red or cherry red or a sheer pink.  When I do a sheer pink I keep my nails a little longer so that I have a natural french manicure. 

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