The History Of: The French Manicure

Image: weheartit.com

I have always been a fan of the French Manicure, but I always assumed it was created after realizing how good sheer pink looked when one had long nails.  I found the history today, and the famous look was created by Jeff Pink.  He is the founder of the nail polish company Orly.  He was asked my directors in Hollywood to create a look that was versatile and would match all the outfit changes an actress would make in a day.  The look became so popular in Paris among the designers and models that he changed the name from "The Natural Nail Look" to the "French Manicure".  


  1. What a cute fact :D Your blog is adorably romantic, and not only is the font adorable, but so is the name, the content and the atmosphere :D
    Keep up blogging!
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  2. This is so interesting to read. I wish I could someday have so beautiful nails as in the photo, but I'm so careless about my hands (and also my nails are tiny).



  3. Thank you! Good nails are difficult to keep up!

  4. wooow how intersting that its an american invention, that's pretty darn cool..


  5. Love that! Funny story - years ago my sister and I had American manicures for the first time manicures at a place where the technicians had very heavy accents. We couldn't understand what they said and some how we both thought they said "Mannequin" so for weeks, until we were embarrassed and corrected we called our American Manicures, Mannequin Manicures! We still laugh about it years later!

  6. Thank you for all your nice comments! And Speaker in Heels that is funny! I am American and I can still barely understand the technicians sometimes!

  7. Thank you for sharing this cute little fact with us.
    I love french manicure, it's simple & romantic.

    I love your blog so I am a new follower.


    Patricia from www.leathershock.blogspot.com