Jackie O Style Inspiration

Images: weheartit.com

Last fall we saw 1950's style skirts, shoes, and dresses float down the runway.  This year has transgressed into the 1960's.  Until recently I always thought of the 1960's as mini dresses, bright swirled prints, and flower child inspired dressing; but recent runway shows have prompted me to take another look.  I have been very inspired by the lady like aspect of the sixties, especially that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  She always looked so chic and pulled together with her classic shift dresses, pearls, and over sized sunglasses. 


  1. God, she was such a babe! I envy her composure.

  2. Amazing style inspiration; just add a string of pearls to a look to instantly have that ladylike feel - WMS.


  3. I adore how pulled together she is. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    p.s. did you know she only wore fake pearls?