The History Of: The Birkin Bag

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While the Hermes Birkin bag has been a favorite of mine, and countless others, for years I had no idea of the history behind it.  I knew it was made for Jane Birkin, but did not really know who she was.  When I researched her I also found the story of how the famous Birkin bag was created.  Jane Birkin was an English born actress and singer who made many french films and music. She is infamous for the scandalous song, "Je t'aime...moi non plus."  In 1981 handbag history was made when she was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, chief executive of Hermés, on a flight from Paris to London.  She had placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment, but the contents fell out and she had to scramble to replace the contents.  She began to explain to Dumas that it had been very difficult to find a leather weekend bag that she liked.  In 1984, he created the Birkin bag, in a black supple leather, for her!  The handbag was based off a 1892 design, and while Jane Birkin did not use the bag for long it has become an icon.

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