Christian Dior Resort 2012 Collection

 Image: vogue.com

I have been excitedly awaiting the Christian Dior couture show and I am extremely disappointed.  I was hoping that Dior would present a fantastic collection without John Galliano, but that was not the case.  The collection was a disaster, a mixture of clown costumes and modern art thrown into a collection with no redeeming qualities.  However this morning I was thrilled to see the new resort collection.    It was elegant yet casual enough to wear this summer and the black and cream color combinations work all year round.  The first outfit shown above is a perfect nod to the new look which Galliano was always so good at.  I also found the handbags a great improvement from the last few years, I always found their version of quilting awkward.  Actually all of the accessories were lovely, the sunglasses, shoes, and especially the hats.   Overall I would say this collection was very redeeming for the Christian Dior design team. 


  1. I agree Dior's couture show was a very disappointing collection. However, I think Bill Gaytten didn't know how to create a smooth transition from Galliano to Gaytten aesthetic. I also agree with you when complimenting Christian Dior's resort collection. It was an amazing twist on nautical attire.

  2. I actually like the resort as well! But like you I very much disliked the couture. Here is my review (with my illustrations) on it!