Film Review: Coco Avant Chanel


Prior to seeing this film, Coco Avant Chanel, I was quite skeptical as to whether or not I would enjoy it.  I had previously watched a Lifetime movie about the life of Coco Chanel and it was terrible.  I was worried that this film would be equally dull, but I was completely wrong.  Audrey Tautou provides a wonderful performance as one of history's most famous fashion designers.  This film provided a fascinating look into the life  of Coco Chanel from childhood until the death of her boyfriend Boy Capel.  The plot was interesting and moved quickly, the cinematography was gorgeous, as was the clothing.  The film is in French so you must be okay with subtitles to watch this, I found reading the subtitles completely worth it.  I recommend this film to any fan of Chanel, you will learn about the creation of the beloved brand as well as her personal life.  An interesting fact, the French government reports that a bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold every thirty seconds.  This fashionable and historical film is a fun watch and will leave any woman grateful to Coco Chanel for replacing the boning and corsets of the time with comfortable yet elegant clothing.

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  1. So glad you reviewed this! I have to wath the film for my French class this summer and am glad to hear good things about it!