Christian Dior Spring 2012 RTW

Images: nymag.com

Despite Christian Dior's terrible Couture show, their Spring 2011 RTW show was lovely.  The collection was much simpler than those of the past and was very elegant.  My favorite pieces were the black ones, the first dress is dress has a beautiful silhouette and due to the lining isn't as dark as black usually is.  And the third dress is a beautiful combination of black and white without the usual harsh contrast.  Overall I would say the design team is doing well without a head designer and am going to begin looking forward to future collections again.


Nails At Dolce & Gabbana

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The beauty and hair at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 RTW show was beautiful, but nothing stood out as much as the nails.  While the ruby colored nails were very pretty, it was the emerald manicures that were my favorite.  And while I normally stick to classic colors, I recently ventured into navy, and am considering trying this beautiful shade.  Unfortunately this color will not come out until Dolce & Gabbana's spring beauty collection arrives, I am not sure if I will want to wear this dark of a color in the spring.  Would you wear a color this unique?


Erdem Spring 2011 RTW

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There have been some lovely collections shown recently, but none more lovely than the Erdem Spring 2011 RTW collection.  The collection is perfect for spring, plenty of pastel, floral dresses in feminine cuts.  And I love the higher necklines than is usually shown.  The collection reminded me of a modern Grace Kelly, I suggest you check out the entire lovely collection.

Soft Waves At Versace

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The hair at the Versace Spring 2011 was absolutely perfect.  It is simple but unbelievably pretty.  You will not have to worry about curls falling because you only need a few waves at the bottom to obtain this hair style.  While this style will be perfect with spring's pretty dresses, I don't think I can wait till spring to try it!


Michelle Williams As Marilyn Monroe

Images: weheartit.com via fashiongonerogue.com

As usual I was unbelievably excited when the October issue of Vogue came yesterday, and even more so when I saw this beautiful spread with Michelle Williams.  She is playing Marilyn Monroe in her new movie A Week With Marilyn.  I cannot wait to see this movie, especially the wardrobe if this spread is any indicator of the clothes Williams will wear on screen.  I especially love the simple blouse and skirt in the last two shots, so elegant and classic!  You can see the rest of the spread here.

My First Blog Award

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I have been awarded my first blog award!

Thank you so much Kim Alston from Sassy Uptown Chic, this is very sweet of you! 

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Emmy's Red Carpet 2011

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There were many pretty dresses at the Emmy's on Sunday, including many Elie Saab's although none that I picked, but my absolute favorite was Julia Stiles in Georges Hobeika Fall 2011 Couture.  I love this form fitting gown, neckline and waist line is so beautiful.  And the lilac colored lace is stunning, look at the fabric at the hem!  Who was your favorite?


An Education From Marie Claire UK

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I thought this photo shoot, An Education, from Marie Claire UK's October 2010 issue is the perfect way to do classic fall fashion.  I love the mix of sweaters, coats, flats, tights, plaid, and argyle.  I love the sweaters mixed with skirts instead of jeans.  What do you like to wear in fall?

A Few Things I Love About Fall...

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...soft cashmere sweaters and scarves, hot drinks, perfume that was too strong for summer, and amber colored leaves.


What I Think Will Be Worn On The Red Carpet

 Images: style.com, nymag.com, weheartit.com

Why is it that there are bets placed for who will win virtually every sporting match but not for what dresses will be worn during award show season?  With the Emmy's coming up this weekend, I am placing my bets for what will be worn on the numerous red carpet events coming up.  My forerunners are this Reem Acra dress from the Spring 2012 RTW collection as well as the second one, and any one for that matter, from their resort collection.  My third and fourth guess are Elie Saab, but almost any Elie Saab dress would work, it was very hard to narrow the options down.  These are my top contenders, what do you think?  Would you like me to show more?  

Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 RTW

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If what Ralph Lauren, Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein have been showing are any indication of what spring's trends are going to be, then Daisy Buchanan would have been very pleased.  All three of those shows had 1920's influences, especially Ralph Lauren.  Ralph Lauren's show was a stunning collection filled with beautiful bead work, feathers, and sheer fabrics.  The collection clearly had a 1920's influence without looking costuming or heavy, as many flapper inspired dresses can appear.  Overall the collection was very pretty and has gotten me very excited for spring.


Marchesa Spring 2012 RTW

Images: nymag.com

As usual the Marchesa Spring 2012 RTW collection was like a fairy tale; and this time the fairy tale was the Little Mermaid.  The collection which was inspired by the painting Underwater Kingdom, by the Russian artist Ilya Repin.  The inspiration is clear in the pale blue, lilac and grey gowns that are made of fabrics as light as sea foam.  While I always love Marchesa's collection, it was a breath of fresh air to see a runway show versus their traditional showing of models on pedestals.  I felt that the movement really showed how beautiful the fabric of the gowns were.  The collection was much simpler than usual but just as stunning as one would expect.


Jenny Packham Spring 2012 RTW

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I have to admit that despite that I see the practicality behind why fashion shows are held six months before their rightful season, it  really frustrates me!  I was just beginning to get in the mood for fall to come and have been planning my wardrobe accordingly and then the spring shows come out and now my fashion focus is on all the beautiful clothes made for warm weather.  Anyways, I love this collection by Jenny Packham.  She caught my eye when her clothes were on Gossip Girl last season and when Kate Middleton took a liking to her clothes, and she is easily my new favorite designer.  I think this collection will be perfect for summer, crisp clean neutrals with warm color accents, what could be more appropriate?  Her clothes are always feminine and elegant and I am excited to see what she creates in the seasons to come.


Elegant Hair Instructions

While lately time has allowed for nothing but simple chignons as school has started, and any extra sleep or study time is appreciated, I would love to style my hair this way when I have the time or a special event to attend.  I have edited the original instructions to help you imitate this elegant look, good luck!  

1. Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose curls, make sure to use a heat protection products first!
2.  I recommend doing this first, but the guide says to part your hair in the middle, if you do it after curling it will possibly ruin your curls.  Then separate the curls with your fingers a little.
3. Spritz your roots with hair spray.
4. Tease at the crown with a fine toothed comb to create volume.
5. Smooth hair with a brush and gather hair into a half ponytail. 
6. Secure the sides with pins.
7. Use some shine spray and you are done!