Film Review: Midnight In Paris

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I know I am a little bit late on this review, but I finally saw Midnight in Paris last night.  I loved it, I thought the entire film was funny and interesting and it moved so fast I was shocked when it was over.     The film, directed by Woody Allen, and staring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.  One of my favorite actresses Marion Cotillard was fantastic as the artist muse Adriana and Carla Bruni did a surprisingly good job!  The first few minutes of the film were just absolutely stunning shots of Paris and the rest of the film shows the best of Paris.  If you love 1920's fashion, you will love the costumes during the midnight time travel scenes.  Although I loved the flapper dresses, Rachel McAdams' dresses really caught my eye, I loved her chic shirt dresses.  This film was so different from anything I have ever seen, it is sure to be an instant classic.


  1. OHH I really want to see this movie! :) Nice review

  2. See it before it goes out of theaters! It was fabulous!


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    I´m longing for that Woody Allen-movie. Here in Sweden, it has premiere in 2 september. Cat´t wait!

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    I've snooped around a bit on your blog and I love it.
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  4. @blogoholic, I followed through both as well! And I left you a comment, tell me how you like the movie when you see it! Thank you for stopping by!