Ladurée Has Come To America

Images: nymag.com

I love macaroons and after a disastrous three hour attempt to make them, that my boyfriend will likely never forgive me for, I have a whole new appreciation for these french treats.  Luckily Ladurée, the originator of the modern French macaroon, two cookies sandwiched with ganache, has come to America.  The paistry shop has hit New York and as of now is a very small shop, but they plan to open a traditional tea room in S.O.H.O. eventually. Ladurée sells 15,000 macaroons a day alone, all of which are made in Paris and shipped to various locations overnight.  The Manhattan store is  decorated in the traditional French style and even has French staff.  Does Ladurée's pastries look familiar to you?  They made all of the dessert's for the film Marie Antoinette.  If I ever go to New York, I know where my first stop will be!   


  1. Oh wow! Those look soooo yummy scrumdiddlyumptious! haha I'm fascinated with how the store is decorated! hahaha I hope to go to NYC the end of next year. This would definitely be a stop. haha Thanks for posting this JD! I'm still laughing at your attempt to make them. At least you tried! That's a difficult pastry. I don't even attempt. LOL Have a great day girl!

  2. It was an absolute disaster! Well now I know haha. Thanks for reading!