Delicate Rings

Images: weheartit.com

I love jewelry, but have never worn rings.  For whatever reason most rings are quite large these days and the idea of a huge cocktail ring on my finger makes me so uncomfortable.  However once I saw these beautiful delicate rings I came to love the idea of wearing one.  They are so simple and elegant and pretty, unfortunately I do not know who makes any of them.  The way the rings in the first picture look so pretty and romantic, and the knotted ring in the second picture is so chic.  Wearing either style would be lovely!


  1. Those are pretty! I'm not a ring girl either. I like earrings and bracelets. Those are lightweight and elegant. I wouldn't mind wearing one! CUTE! :)

  2. "Agatha" is the store who makes those rings. I have de second one and I love it:)

  3. @Anonymous! Thank you so much for telling me, you just made my day!