Marie Antoinette's Perfume

Image: weheartit.com

While many have envied the lifestyle of Marie Antoinette, her extravagant palaces and crown jewels are not exactly attainable for the every-woman.  But now you can have a piece of her beauty regimen, the house of Lubin is reviving a perfume originally worn by Marie Antoinette.  This perfume was created for Antoinette by the royal noose Jean-Louis Fargeon in mind of the gardens at the Petit Trianon.  The scent which consists of rose, jasmine, and bergamot is named Black Jade; like the deep jade colored vile Antoinette kept the perfume in while imprisoned in the Temple Tower of Paris.  What is the cost of smelling like France's most infamous Queen?  130 dollars and you can purchase the scent at aedes.com. 

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