Citrus Body Scrub

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When summer arrives that means sun dresses, sandals, ruffled bikinis, and a lot of exposed skin.  The best way to get soft skin is a good scrub.  Often times it is very expensive to buy scrubs that are virtually the same when you make them at home, minus all of the chemicals.  My favorite one to purchase is Philosophy's Gingerbread Man scrub, but it is only sold during the holidays.  It is very simple to make one at home, this is my favorite way of doing it.  All you need is a citrus fruit, the acid in it removes dead skin, sugar to scrub, salt is too rough sometimes on sensitive areas, and honey, which softens your skin.

1. Get a citrus fruit; you can use lemon or orange, but my favorite is grapefruit.  Unlike the previous fruits it is very large and provides a lot of juice to make a large amount of scrub.
2. I personally like to eat the fruit and once I have I take the juice that is left over with sugar already in it to start off with, but you can just squeeze out the juice, and you will get less pulp that way.
3. Add either white or brown sugar, makes no difference I have found, and add enough to soak most of the liquid you have squeezed. I never follow an exact recipe, those never come out the way I want them to.
4. Add a plentiful amount of honey to bind the scrub together.
5. Mix it all together and you are ready to go!
6.  Do not get wet when applying either apply dry or use a damp wash cloth to slightly wet yourself.  Scrub yourself as much as you see fit and then apply lotion once you are out of the shower!


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  1. ahh that sounds great and im sur you come out smelling good. I might just try it, thanks for the tip.