Weekend Style Inspiration

Image: Parisian Chic

After talking about Burberry so much this week I can not not share a trench coat for this weekend's style inspiration!  I have avoided posting about them as I did quite a bit at first when I first started blogging two years ago, but chances are most of you haven't even seen those posts so I thought I would share one today.  This look is from Ines de la Fressange's book Parisian Chic and it is a perfect example of how a trench coat can totally transform an average outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.  I love trench coats because they really work for the weather where I live, I wear them all winter when it rains or isn't too cold and even during the summer early in the morning when it is still a little cold and there is a marine layer.  Sometimes I feel a little silly when my classmates are all in sweatshirts but my I figure I can't put my personal style on hold because of what others are wearing.  Do you have anything you love to wear but no one else does?

P.S. My book review of Parisian Chic.

Après avoir parlé de Burberry tellement cette semaine je ne peux pas ne pas partager un trench-coat pour leur inspiration ce week-end! J'ai évité l'affichage d'eux comme je l'ai fait un peu au début, quand j'ai commencé à bloguer il ya deux ans, mais les chances sont plus d'entre vous ont même pas vu ces messages alors j'ai pensé que je pourrais partager un aujourd'hui. Ce look est de réserver Parisian Chic Ines de la Fressange et il est un parfait exemple de la façon dont un trench-coat peut totalement transformer une tenue moyenne de jeans et un t-shirt. J'aime trenchs, car ils vraiment travailler pour le temps où je vis, je les porte tout l'hiver quand il pleut ou ne soit pas trop froid et même pendant l'été tôt le matin quand il est encore un peu froid et il ya un marin couche. Parfois je me sens un peu bête quand mes camarades de classe sont tous dans des pulls molletonnés, mais mon je me dis que je ne peux pas mettre mon style personnel en attente en raison de ce que les autres portent. Avez-vous tout ce que vous aimez porter, mais personne d'autre ne le fait?

Post-scriptum Ma critique du livre Parisian Chic.



  1. that outfit is so chic! i'm literally loving every stitch & piece she is wearing. hahaha i think i remember when you spotlighted that book. i think that's when i had the sassyuptownchic blog or something. i love trench coats NOW. i hated them when they use to be so bulky (wayyyy back when). they're so tailored now. you have great style jacqueline. it's good to hear that you don't conform to the norm. stay that way doll.

  2. I also love trench coats although I didn't have one, so sweet and as you said changes the style of the looks...I love leather jackets I have three in different colours and now they are really famous now a few years ago no one wanted to wear them except me.