Chanel And Versailles...

While I was initially not impressed with Chanel's recent cruise collection, I do find the advertisements for the campaign charming. I have always been fascinated by Versailles and these photographs reflect the palace, and the princess most associated with it, beautifully.

Alors j'ai d'abord été pas impressionnés par la collection Chanel croisière récente,je trouve les publicités pour la campagne de charmeJ'ai toujours été fasciné parVersailles et ces photographies reflètent le palais, et la princesse la plus associée,magnifiquement.-Jacqueline 

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  1. hey jacqueline!!! so sorry, i haven't kept up. i'm finally getting my kitchen repaired from the storm. as you know i hated the cruise collection! but when i saw the campaign, i couldn't believe my eyes. LOL i even went back to the collection to view the originals. do you know the only one i could find was the last one? i was like, did he add the first 3, redesign them or what? hahaha whatever the case, i love this!