Happy Mother's Day And A Quick Update...

Image: Tumblr

I hope all you mother's out their have an absolutely lovely day! And one quick update, my finals will be over at the end of next week!  So after that I will be on summer vacation and be back with frequent posts, I am very excited! 

J'espère que tout c'est la mère que vous leur avez une journée absolument fantastique! Et une mise à jour rapide, mes finale sera terminée à la fin de la semaine prochaine! Ainsi, après que je serai en vacances d'été et d'être de retour avec les messages fréquents, je suis très excité!



  1. Good luck with your exams! I'm finishing high school, and my final exam also comes next week :-)
    I really love your blog, I think you are the only blogger who has the same style as me, I love all your posts, we are definitely soulmates :-)
    Good luck in your life, with your blog and in possible fashion career. I'm staying tuned.
    Lots of love, Hana from the Czech republic

  2. Thank you for your kind comments on this post as well as my photoshoot one! I am happy to say I finished my finals yesterday and should be posting regularly again! I just posted a fantastic editorial. I am glad that you like my style, I know I have trouble finding blogs with styles I connect with, so I am glad that you found mine! Best of luck on your exams and congratulations on finishing highschool!