White And Gold Brocade...

Images: Tumblr

Brocade is a huge trend this season, and as you know I am a fan of the trend, but it has been mostly shown in black with gold details.  And while the combination is lovely, I have to say white and gold may be stealing my attention.

Brocade est une grande tendance cette saison, et comme vous le savez, je suis un fan de  la tendance, mais il a surtout été montré en noir avec des détails en or. Et tandis que la combinaison est belle, je dois dire blanc et or peut être volé mon attention.



  1. i love love love this trend! & there is something about the mix of white and gold that transport me to another more glamorous time with kings and queens :D
    xx Corinne

  2. dolce and gabanna were definitely doing the black and gold brocade. love it in white also. LOVE that third dress. it is gorgeous!