Welcome Fall...

Images: The Wild Fleur

While the rest of the world seems to be preparing for fall, it still feels like summer where I live.  Which is quite frustrating as fall is my favorite season and I can not wait for it to get here!  Here are a few things I love about fall, fashion and otherwise...

Trench Coats
Riding Boots
Fall Treats At Coffee Shops
Pumpkin Scented Candles
Soft Sweaters And Sweater Dresses
Walks In The Crisp Air
Strong Perfume
Flickering Fires
And Most Of All Dark Red Nails!

Tell me what you love about fall!

Alors que le reste du monde semble se préparer pour l'automne, il se sent toujours comme l'été où je vis. Ce qui est assez frustrant car l'automne est ma saison préférée et je ne peux pas attendre pour arriver ici! Voici quelques petites choses que j'aime à propos de l'automne, la mode et le contraire ...

Bottes De Cheval
Festins D'automne Dans Les Cafés
Bougies Parfumées Citrouille
Pulls Robes Pull Doux Et
Promenades à L'air Crisp
Parfum Solide
Les Feux Clignotantes
Et Surtout Nails Rouge Foncé!

Dites-moi ce que vous aimez à propos de l'automne!



  1. I cannot wait for fall either!! It is one of my favorite seasons. One of my favorite things are fall scented candles. I just started buying candles from this company I found online called Blu Rose Candles. They have great scents but the one I love the most so far is their French Amber and Vanilla! They describe it as "creamy vanilla and warm amber" which is spot on. It is to DIE for! http://blurose.com/product-category/french-vanilla-and-amber/

    They also post some neat home decor, candle tips on their facebook and twitter pages!

  2. that's a great list! fall is trying to happen now. hahaha we're expecting cooler temps next week and rain this weekend. bring on the cool weather.