Guest Collaboration: Dressed Up Pretty

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I am very happy to share a guest post with all of you by Jackie Clark.  She wants to share with you all how clothing can change the outlook of those going through mesothelioma cancer and mesothelioma treatment.  I hope you all find this message as inspiring as I did!

Dressed Up Pretty
By: Jackie Clark From Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance
Have you ever heard about how some people manage to get
strength through the things that are around them? Chances
are good that you have heard someone talk about the
calming nature of certain places or certain things, but where
does your strength and power come from. All women are
strong and beautiful, but in the face of things like
mesothelioma cancer and mesothelioma treatment, they can
forget. They start to believe that fashion may not be as
important anymore. In fact, in many cases, the opposite is
true; fashion can go a long way in helping boost confidence
during rough times.
Think about the feelings that a wedding dress brings about
or even your favorite lucky pair of panties. The clothes that
you wear have a very real effect on how you feel, and
garments that you love can help you through a hard time.
Think about your favorite clothing and think about all the
good times that you have had with them. In many ways, if
you remember what you wore to a certain place or if you can
think about what it made you feel, you’ll discover that it has
some strong sympathetic magic for you.
If you are not feeling at your best, consider what your
options are going to be when it comes to finding clothes that
bring out the power in you. For example, how do you feel
when you wear clothes that suit you right down to the
ground? Do you feel more professional and powerful in a
severely tailored black suit? Do you feel more feminine and
desirable in a soft and flowing dress or do you think that you
would prefer a gorgeous sequined gown? Choose clothing
that allows you to feel the way that you want to feel. There is
no question that going through the steps of mesothelioma
treatment takes its toll on appearance, but wearing clothes
that make you feel confident will bring out the attitude to fight
and take on the day.
How can you recapture the feeling that you had when you
wear your favorite clothing? Think about how you can move
forward with the clothes that you love and let them take you
to the places that you adore. If you dress yourself in a way
that you like, you are going to be much more likely to end up
going out and finding out more about the world around you.
Once you are dressed up, you’ll discover that you are much
more inclined to go out to that poetry reading that you want
to hear or to go to a movie with your friends. Clothes can
lead you to extrovert a great deal.
When you are in a situation where you want to move forward
towards more confidence, more power and more strength,
let fashion take you there. Dressing the way that you want to
is a great boon, and you’ll find that once you have a few
pieces in your wardrobe that always make you smile, you
will be smiling a lot more.
When you want to make sure that fashion is something that
you have in your tool kit, consider what it can do for you in
your darkest times.

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