Perfume on Display

Images: wehearit.com

I love this photo of what appears to be some sort of table used for getting ready.  I love the whites and pastels as well as the simple pretty flowers.  I am especially fond of the mat for all the pretty displayable perfume bottles and makeup.  I often times find myself wanting perfume just for the pretty bottles, however I do own the Chanel Mademoiselle one shown above and it smells as wonderful as it looks.


  1. I love these pictures, this display is adorable. Although it's a little funny knowing that no girl has a makeup counter that is nearly this clean. I remember my dad always giving me the hardest time when I was growing up, over how the counter would always be covered with makeup.

  2. Thank you! I keep all of my nice perfume bottles and Chanel makeup on my dresser where it is clean and uncluttered, but I keep the rest of my makeup in my bathroom.